ANKits TAVES show report 2014

ANKits had a great show at TAVES 2014 in Toronto, Canada. With a full hotel room showcasing the new Mentor Pre-amplifier and unreleased EL84 Single Ended Monoblocks the sound was amazing and we have a guest book full of enquiries! ANKits brought a superb 15,000$ system to the show that included:

  • Audio Note Speaker kit 03 Hemp 98db
  • Mentor Line Pre-amplifier – check out the Mentor product page on the website here!
  • DAC4.1
  • EL84 Single Ended MonoBlocks 11w/channel (unreleased)
  • L3 Phono


6 Moons review!

“The ANKits room sounded incredible. I think if offered some of the very best quality per dollar at all of TAVES. The music grabbed a hold of me and would not let go”

Some visitors email feedback!

“Observe the tidy layouts, the short signal paths, the high-quality transformers, the big Audio Note (UK) capacitors, and the liberal application of tubes. The circuit boards used are among the thickest I have seen and held. Behold the robust casework holding it all together. There is nothing DIY about the look. Or about the sound! This room sounded incredible.”

“I recently visited you at the TAVES show and was really quite impressed with the sound in your room. I was particularly interested in the Mentor linestage that you have out now………………….”

“I very much enjoyed your room at TAVES, it was one of the best sounding rooms at the show. Following your room there were few that sounded good. you kinda raised the bar a wee bit…. Haha”

“I know you said the new EL84 amps won’t be out until the new year but I guess I’m just getting impatient seeing as your room is still in the forefront of my thoughts……”


Legend 300B / 2A3 Monoblock Power Amplifier Enhancements!

We have upgraded the chassis to the popular Legend Monoblock Amplifier.

The latest version of the Legend now shipping comes with an upgraded chassis which has been increased in length by around 1.5″ to make the build a little simpler. The chassis is still compact, but now has some additional room for wiring.


A brand new manual has been recently developed and we have the wiring and mechanical sections to view here.


The Legend Monoblock is our ultimate single ended power amplifier in the 3K price range. The large mains and massive choke, hardwired power supply along with hardwired  copper insert plate are oozing with quality –  audio builders and  audiophiles alike will be astonished with a pair of Legends in their system!

ANK Audiokits announce Level 5 Series Pre-amplifier

It’s our 10th anniversary year and ANK Audiokits is proud to announce our highest level product offering to date – the Mentor Level 5 Series Pre-amplifier. With this exciting new product and the development of our new Level 5 Series power supply ANK Audiokits is entering the world of ultra high-end audio! Our shunt regulated power supply architecture utilizes dual 5U4G rectifier tubes and dual 4 pole chokes and will allow you to finally realize your investment in a power amplifier & tubes. You will hear high end detail with shocking realism along with incredible dynamics and sensitivity to the incoming audio signal.

Check out our new product page on the website here!